My Semenax Review

There were two reasons why I decided to try Semenax, and those two reasons seem to be so common that I decided to write this Semenax review to let a few of you guys out there know what it can and can't do.

The first reason is a little immature, simply put I wanted to come like porn stars did. The pitiful little dribble I managed to generate was really kind of embarrassing. I wanted to increase the sperm I made so maybe I'd be a little more impressive in the cum shot department.

So i ordered some Semenax, just to see if it could deliver on that promise. The pills arrived and I duly started taking them as per directions, which is easy as pie.

It took a little while to see real change, about two weeks to be exact. And it wasn't even me that noticed, rather my girlfriend did. Nor did she first notice increased sperm, she just said it tasted different (better). This gave me hope that the pills were really doing something, and a day or two later we really noticed that they were.

It was just a few days after she made that comment about the taste of my sperm that we both noticed the amount of ejaculation was increasing quite fast. It was coming out harder and shooting further than I had ever believed possible, and my orgasms were far more enjoyable.

The other reason was fertility, and not for me. My brother was actually having troubles conceiving with his wife, so I thought that Semenax might help him out. It does mention on the site that it can have a good effect on fertility so I thought why not? It's far less expensive than in vitro so what did they have to lose. Dropped off a couple of months supply as a surprise present for him and told him to let me know how it went.

6 weeks in and they have a positive pregnancy test !!!

So if you are using Semenax always make sure to wear a condom, for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which is that it is going to supercharge your sperm.